London Attack Once Again

First of all, RIP to those who died and get well soon to those who got injured. And rest in hell to the attacker!

Now, in no way am I apologizing for the terrorist. But I would like to post that whoever knows what Ramadan is, knows what Taraweehs are, should know that the attacker in no way represents Islam. He also does not represent the practicing Muslims. If he really was a good practicing, or even just practicing Muslim, he should have been in a Mosque at the time of the attack. Why? Because he committed that horrible attack when it was time for Muslims to pray Taraweeh.

I have faith in God, whoever tries to insult and degrade the name of Islam, will always leave a trail behind to prove that it isn’t Islam nor the average Muslim who is a terrorist, but the person himself. The attack occurred around 11ish pm (London time), that is the last prayer of the day (Isha), then after that prayer there are Taraweeh. If he really was a Muslim, what exactly was he doing out there, especially killing people at that time when he should be praying in a mosque????




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