Is There A Coincidence

I feel like people who don’t have any goals/passions or any drive in life are less angry. They are more gentle/softer than those who actively seek something to do. It’s unfortunate though, I don’t have much patience. But I do have goals/desires that I seek. I don’t know how some people can live their entire lives on the internet with nothing else to do. They think that not asking for anything at all in life means to lead a simple life. But sometimes too simple of a life gets boring as well. You live only once, so why not enjoy this life and accomplish something? How do such people live with themselves like that? How do they live all their lives on well fare and not worry about a thing? How can they have a heart that is so closed? How can they not have any desires at all? It seems to me that they are just breathing and not really living. No, I am not talking about people who are depressed.


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