Please Report This Radical On Twitter

His account was banned for 24 hours, please report him on twitter as well.




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  1. SwedishSquadleader says:

    Is he gone?


    1. oh wow, he must’ve been reported enough times lol


      1. SwedishSquadleader says:

        Hope he stays gone. That’s the kind of guy that drives people over the edge.

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      2. yes true. I think people reported him and so they may have deleted his account. But funny thing is, he comes on the news too or has done some sort of interview with the CBC news. I hope he can’t come back on Twitter/Facebook. I can’t believe how thousands are following him.

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      3. omg he is still there: please report his posts/profile as much as you can. Thanks

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      4. SwedishSquadleader says:

        I reported him. Hopefully more people do. Can’t have hatred where ever you go.


      5. SwedishSquadleader says:

        I reported hin on You Tube as well.

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      6. haha thank you! I will report him from everywhere too.

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