How Do Some People Not Have Any Goals? 

I have lived most of my life under my parents. They always pushed me to do better than what I did. They always made me feel like I should have dreams or goals. Now there are some people around who I see, they have no goals whatsoever. They don’t care whether they have a job or not. They don’t care whether their children are earning an education or not. They don’t care whether their children are into drugs or have disappeared. I just cant fanthom living this life without even a very small goal. I just cant.

I am very thankful to my parents, even though they are strict, at least they made me live and not just breathe. 


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  1. SwedishSquadleader says:

    Why would a parent don’t care if their children use drugs? It would be my first priority. To help them out. I can not understand it.

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    1. some parents unfortunately do. I have seen some people telling their kids that it’s fine to do drugs (because the parents themselves did it). Yeah, tell me about it! I can’t understand some parents either to be honest.


  2. SwedishSquadleader says:

    That would be a great thing for the world leaders to contemplate and work on. I’m very excited to see what measures are going to be taken by the US. Is it possible to fight drugs like Trump says he’s going to do? Eradicate the problem? It sounds a little to easy.

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    1. yeah for sure. haha US is still learning I guess. I am not too sure, there is a drug problem in Canada as well. They should control the drug makers first and then the drug consumers. It would be good if he could eradicate the problem. yeah, it wouldnt be easy.

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