Hate Speech

I am very vocal against hate speech and I don’t think any hate speech in any form equates to freedom of speech/expression.

Now I dont want to sound mean, and neither am I supporting the Imam in the Montreal Mosque (who spew hatred against Jews). But I’d like to let you know, do you see now how words can hurt? I pray to God that there arent more Muslim leaders who are spreading hate speeches. You have heard his speech once only, but can you imagine how much it must hurt us Muslims when on a daily basis we have to hear those same or even worse hate speeches from nonMuslims who call us all terrorists, or rapists, or pedophiles and so on? 

I am not even sure if its real or a fabricated news. But I apologize on his behalf, though it takes two to tango. I am sure that someone must’ve said some hurtful things to the Imam for him to say something as such. Its unfortunate what he said. 

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