Isn’t it surprising that parents are buying their 5 years old daughters make up these days? In my time, we had to read a book and focus on our studies at that time and not even think about fashion. If I had a daughter that age, I would never allow her to start on makeup until mid high school to college years.

12 thoughts on “Makeup

    1. lol neither would I to be honest. I don’t know what’s wrong with people. They spoil their children and then when they demand for more things, then it’s the parents who start to worry about what’s happening. Parents should control their children at that age, not children.


      1. Im not worried im in control of mines wouldn’t dare have girls I’m done having kids glad i have no girls too much to deal..i just commenting who would buy a kid makeup anyways thats not my problem so there are no worries trust me i still believe in heavy discipline

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      2. true. Good decision but I believe that any gender kids can be hard to raise. lol I just read someone saying they bought some make up for their 5 years old. But I think that maybe it was a mistake, maybe they meant to type like 15 years old. (even then I feel they’re young), I started very minimum make up in college. haha good, I strongly believe in heavy discipline.


      1. I was wasn’t a bad child my mom let me wear lipgloss or carmex lol..never discipline though a preacher and my parents said i was the devils daughter or referred to me as him


      2. lol, thats crazy. Im sure it wasnt that bad at least not compared to girls today. Even girls like 11/12 yrs wear full on make up and have bfs these days. They try to raise them too quick and I dont agree with that.


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