How Are People So Scared Of Sharia?

I don’t get when people in north America get so paranoid that there would be the implementation of Sharia. It’s funny because there isn’t even a single Muslim country in the world today that follows Sharia a 100%. People stone women when they get raped, but Sharia does not allow that. I am a Muslim and I will say this, SOME people in Muslim countries kill women because they married to the guy of their own choice. That is not Sharia. Islamically, it is impermissible to force someone to marry they don’t want to or to stop someone from marrying they want to.

It is impermissible Islamically to hurt or derive out any minority who are under Islamic care or country. Yet, you see SOME Muslims in hurt the non-Muslims.

If people cant implement Sharia in their own Islamic countries, how in the world would they successfully apply it in a secular country?

Quit being afraid of Sharia, which basically means law. Even then, it wouldnt be easy and near impossible to implement it in west. Good God!

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