Non-Muslims in Mosques

Why do non-Muslims always pretend that they know what they are talking about? Why do they act like the scholar of Islam? How come they act like they have been in mosques where hatred is being preached? And if that is the case, then why is it that they don’t report about it? Why do they lie about so many things regarding Islam?

Do you see Muslims pretending to be in churches or know what is happening within the non-Muslims place of prayer? Do you see Muslims hate on other religion or religious figures?

Yet these same non-Muslims act like they’re victims. It’s not really funny because majority of those killed by terrorists are Muslims.


4 thoughts on “Non-Muslims in Mosques

  1. Hi! Are you referring to the Islamophobic people? Know what? I think that if you have any knowledge of Islam you don’t end up Islamophobic. And the big problem is ignorance. I guess the world is at some kind of peak in hatred towards Muslims right now. Because it’s convenient. I don’t know why people don’t think for them selves. Like, I really don’t like Trump, but I don’t condemn all Americans. It would be stupid.

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    1. Hey, yes I am referring mainly to Islamophobes. It’s unfortunate that we still in this world have too many sheep and too many haters. Unfortunately people read everything online and from the media, which obviously wants to portray Muslims as the worst kind and they blindly believe in everything. I agree with you, they don’t think for themselves. Yeah, I don’t either to be honest. I am glad that you have an open mind.

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      1. Well, I had an opportunity to study Islam. And that saved me from being totally confused at times like this. There’s no substance to the hatred though. Most people don’t have a clue what they are taking about. It’s some kind of political game. And it’s sad because as we speak people are dying. Most of them Muslims. It’s not okay.

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      2. well I am just glad that a lot of people, if not all are opening their eyes. I hope that more and more people can have their eyes opened and that they stop hating. Thank you for learning. God bless you.

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