Let’s Be Equal

Let’s all endorse Christianphobia as well as Jewishphobia too.

Just a thought, let’s equalize everything. 


27 thoughts on “Let’s Be Equal

    1. well I am just trying to make people feel the pain that Muslims go through. Calling us terrorists is not a good feeling. Or hating on Islam without knowing zero about it, doesn’t make us happy. we dont go around hating on Christianity or Judaism.


      1. It’s unfortunate that moderate Muslims get the stigma because of the Extremists which is pretty much the same as Christians now who get the stigma from what happened centuries ago during the Inquisition and the Crusades.

        I can believe that you don’t go on hating Christians and Jews if you do not abide by Sharia. Otherwise if you practice Sharia, it has provisions that discriminate against Christians and Jews (infidels).


      2. I think you need to read Sharia into the right context. The only reason that there are verses in the Quran about killing non-believers is that while Islam was making it’s worldly existence, Muslims were being prosecuted in Makkah, and only then that God instructed to kill the non-believers who were driving Muslims out of Makkah. Also, Sharia basically means law. Muslims are required to follow the law of the land. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dD9gL8Q15VU there is also another link which I cant seem to find which states that Torah means Sharia or law. Also read Jesus PBUH in Mathews 5:17-18 where He is talking about the law.


      3. Tell that to the Muslims who left Islam because they are speaking out and informing Westerners about the true evils of Sharia.

        There is nothing that can be paralleled from Islam to Christianity because Islam denies the basic Christian truth that Jesus was crucified even when it is historically documented.

        This Canadian lady knows what she’s talking about Sharia and I believe her to speak out as passionately as that.


      4. People are leaving their religions every day, some priests are reverting to Islam and other are leaving Islam. In the end, God is the One who guides people. People who want to leave a religion will do so, doesn’t matter which religion it is. lol like I said, Sharia means law. Instead of reading the news, I suggest you pick up the Quran or read up on Hadiths of the Prophet PBUH. There is no country in today’s world which is 100% run by Sharia. No, Muslims believe that someone who was made to look like Jesus PBUH was crucified. We don’t believe that Jesus PBUH died. well you will always have someone passionately talk about one thing and then someone else about another. But the fact of the matter is, even Christians cant unanimously see who their actual God is. On the one hand, you have some Christians who believe that Jesus PBUH is God and then some other say that God is God and Jesus is the son of God and you also have those who think that Jesus is the Prophet and God is God. I don’t believe in the concept of trinity since it can be applied to every human being since God lives in all of us. Also, if God dies, (according to Christians) then who controls/takes care of the world?


      5. God is infinite. There is nothing impossible with Him. If you believe that about the creator of all things, then certainly, He can manifest Himself in the Trinity. Jesus died on the cross and rose on the 3rd day for you and me. If it is true that God the Father died as you imply, why would Jesus talk to Him and resign Himself to Him when He was on the cross – into Your hand I commit my spirit in Luke 23:46? Just because our finite minds cannot comprehend the Trinity, it does not nullify the revelation of the nature of God in Genesis 1:26, and Deuteronomy 6:4, echad, a unified one, in 3 distinct persons, as He chose to reveal Himself. People can’t accept this about God’s revelation in the Bible, however, it is a concept that is perfectly acceptable like that of a company today comprised with different distinct persons but making up a unified whole. People who work in it make up one company.

        You say, “I don’t believe in the concept of trinity since it can be applied to every human being since God lives in all of us”

        God’s Holy Spirit only dwells on those who accept Him. Not all are God’s children, only those who do His will and who know Him. The fact that God’s Holy Spirit dwells in millions of believers is a concept that is truly unfathomable but it can’t be denied as the presence of the Holy Spirit is evident in the life of one who has truly had a genuine encounter with God.

        God sent Jesus to reveal His true nature to the world. Some people accept it, and others reject it. At least you would have the choice in Christianity. You don’t even have a choice to leave Islam without serious consequences if you wanted to.

        The truth is this, God gave ALL people free will. And for a religion such as Islam to deny that to their adherents is only indicative that it is not from God. Think about it, a religion who exalts a man for a prophet, Muhammad, who in our time is considered to be a sexual predator, marrying a minor. Do you truly want to exalt such as a man like that? We exalt the One who died for humanity, rather than Allah in Islam who demands that people have to die and wage jihad to be considered righteous.

        I choose God who loved me so much to send His Son to die for you and me. Can you say that about your Allah?


      6. did you know marriages to 12 years olds is legal in many American states and that’s in 2017. Between, the Aisha RA willingly married the Prophet PBUH and there was nothing sexual about it. Unlike in today’s times, people didn’t just marry for sex back in the days. again, the concept of Trinity I know what it is about. But Im saying that it can be applied to every human being. I am not trying to offend you here but I’ve had Christians speaking of God having sex with Mary and then Jesus being born. Thats plain insulting.
        Please also provide me with any single verse from the Bible where Jesus PBUH explicitly asks the people to prostrate to Him, to bow down to Him. so if you accept God then does it mean that Jesus exists in you too? Can you do everything He did, can you walk on water?

        I being a Muslims accept Jesus PBUH but as a Prophet PBUH, not as God. Just FYI, in order to be a Muslim, youd have to believe in ALL God’s messengers and that include Jesus, Moses, David PBUT.
        Actually I do as its stated in the Quran “There is no compulsion in religion. Verily, the right path has become distinct from the wrong path. لاَ إِكْرَاهَ فِي الدِّينِ (There is no compulsion in religion), meaning, “Do not force anyone to become Muslim, for Islam is plain and clear, and its proofs and evidence are plain and clear.” I know of Christians and hindus who’d disown their children if they reverted to Islam or stopped believing in any religion.

        Allah is the Arabic word for God. Jihad is not what you are defining but it’s the fight of the soul to prevent from doing wrong and to purify the soul from desires.

        I chose Allah who has no partner, no son, no one controlling the world except Him. Power is only given to One, not to two people like in your case, to God and to His “son”.


      7. Muhammad married a 6 year old. Sorry. That’s stretching it. And maybe, the one you’re speaking of is a new law drafted to accommodate Muslims in here the US? Lol, actually, please provide me a link to that. I think that’s pretty disgusting actually. My daughter is not far from that age and I can’t picture her with an old man. How do you know there was nothing sexual about it? He had sex with Aisha when she was 9! Show me where in the time of Muhammad was it even legal to marry a 6 year old? Don’t give me something in Arabic that I can’t read.

        As for the egregious thing you said about God having intercourse with Mary, not all who claim to be Christian are Christians and people can believe different things but if lined up with Scripture and it checks out, you know the mark of a true believer, one who lives by what they preach.

        Some passages showing worship directed to Jesus in the bible – The Magi bowed to Jesus and offered Him gifts fit for a king when He was born (Matthew 2:1-12). Jesus walked on water (Matthew 14:22-33). Hebrews 1:6-8, Revelation 19:10.

        You can accept Jesus as a prophet but Jesus revealed His nature in the Bible way before Muhammad even wrote the Quran. By the way, Muhammad is spoken of in the Bible in Galatians 1:9, “As we have said before, so now I say again: If anyone is preaching to you a gospel contrary to the one you received, let him be accursed.” So in the get go, the Bible testifies that Muhammad is a false prophet. And let me not forget John 16:2 when Jesus warned His followers beforehand, “Indeed, the hour is coming when whoever kills you will think he is offering service to God.” This is exactly what ISIS is doing screaming “Allahu Akbar” right before they do their deed.

        The qualities of your Allah is not the same as Yahweh in the Bible. You can believe that it is the arabic word for God but if your heart is truly bent to know the truth, God will reveal this to you, not Allah.
        Anyway, as you stated you have chosen Allah, I do hope that somehow, the One and True God, not Allah, will reveal Himself to you in due time.

        I worship The One and True God, who revealed Himself in the Trinity. Unlike you Muslims who claim to worship only Allah but go around and worship some black stone. Talk about real idolatry and hypocrisy.

        Have a Great day and thanks for letting me share the truth with you.


      8. I clicked it without finishing my post, but here is the rest. My belief is that God lives in everyone whether they believe in Him or not, it’s just a matter of looking deep inside your heart. Heck, by that logic you can also say that God does not exist for those who disbelieve in Him.


      9. God created a vacuum that only He can fill. Everyone is created in His image but not everyone is His children and this is evident by what comes out of a person. They profess to be one thing (they love and are tolerant) and act another way (they want to create disorder, protest and make sure they raise hell for everybody else).

        In John 14:6, Jesus states, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

        Your own religious book puts Jesus as a prophet, well, what I quoted above is what He said. You either believe Him or you don’t. It’s His word against Muhammad. If you’re confused, contrast the works of Jesus and the works of Muhammad to make things easier.

        Jesus was without sin and He died for humanity. Muhammad? Well, let’s say he’s definitely not Jesus.


      10. So who is your mother then, if God is your father? So God can give power to His children? I believe that power can only be with one, you cant share power and that’s why I believe that there is only ONE God. yes I believe in Jesus PBUH and never said that I didnt believe in Him. The difference is, we don’t associate partners with God by calling us His children or Mary His mother or wife. Not really, Prophet Mohammad PBUH and Jesus PBUH are like brothers to one another. You can find that in Islam if you wish to learn about it. Jesus PBUH never asked to be worshiped. If so, please provide me with a verse from the Bible explicitly where He calls people to bow down to Him? Whatever people may say, is just an interpretation, but there is no such verse even in the Bible as to where He calls for people to bow down to Him in worship. He isn’t Jesus PBUH, they are both Prophets.


      11. The Quran is a lie. Stop believing a hateful book. I have a problem believing Muslims when they are coming from a religion who employs Taqiyya where Muslims can actually lie and appear harmless to people to protect themselves. It amazes me. No wonder a lot of uninformed people are buying the act.

        I just want to be clear to you that I believe the Muslim whistleblowers who left that oppressive religion more than you. You can try feigning your appearance of “peace” but we both know you don’t really have to try that with me. Apparently your choice to stay in that oppressive system is clear you love being in a religion that indoctrinates children in schools to hate Jews and Christians.

        I already gave you my answer regarding Jesus and worship. You refuse to see it because you think your technicality will win you the point. Well, if that’s your intent, you can win. What matters to me is I told you the truth. I leave you with Acts 4:12, “Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to mankind by which we must be saved” and that is Jesus Christ.

        You can cling to your Islam but by God’s mercy, He allowed this conversation to take place so you would hear the truth. What you do with it is your choice. Take care now.


      12. a lie to you perhaps. in the end, only God guides whom He will. I dont believe in taqqiyaa, heck I didnt even know about it until Christians started talking about it. I am Sunni, Shias follow whatever that taqiya is, Sunnis dont. so maybe learn a difference before posting words around.

        yeah, the same Christianity religion which oppresses women who cant earn an education without the permission of their men, neither they can speak in churches. I can find plenty of flaws with Christianity as well. But I am not here to remove you from your belief. I am just concerned for my belief and I also dont need to go around finding flaws in Christianity on a daily basis, unlike many, since I am satisfied with Islam.
        lol I am not trying anything with you.
        I dont know, Ive personally have had young mothers telling me how they’ll teach their children to hate Muslims. So yeah, your people are no better.
        nah, I dont care to win the point since only God can guide people. I am here just to defend my religion which I’ll always do. Muslims only defend while the rest of you are offensive.
        where does Jesus PBUH say that slavation is only found in Him? like directly says, you will find salvation in I, me, Jesus. ?
        lmao, I have had plenty of conversation and plenty of people have tried to sh!t on Islam, that hasnt changed my opinion of it since I have studied Islam. I am no scholar, but Islam is common sense to me. Whatever God forbid you, is only because its bad for you and whatever He allows is because its good for you. take care too, Allah Hafiz.


      13. If you go back to your initial post, you gave away the hatred that is truly in your heart to even call on people to hate on Christians and Jews which is quite typical because Islam hates Christians and Jews and your sentiment only proves me right even though you call me ignorant. You can paint yourself nice, but you already gave yourself away since the very beginning. Have a nice day anyway.


      14. take whatever you want to take. I never said that I hated Jews or Christians. you really expect me to say nice things to you when you’re the one who first started to call my Prophet a sex predator? You probably dont know this but the Prophet PBUH is closer to Muslims than their own parents. And you should know how much do average children love their parents, and its even more than that. I havent insulted anyone between, I just stated what Christians have told me themselves. I didnt call anyone to hate on Christians, if I did, please do show me. have a great day.


      15. Read your post. I was merely stating a historical fact about your prophet. He is a pedophile. Don’t deny it. But in your religion, I think stating an ugly truth about him is considered blasphemy. I was merely trying to appeal to your logic that Muhammad truly is no role model but I can see it’s not getting anyway. I don’t want to argue with you but think about it though. Peace Be Upon You. Okay? I mean it truly.


      16. you dont make any sense. I think its best if you dont talk to me. I never mentioned anyone to hate on Christians, you cant support that claim and instead you’re jumping the bandwagon on hating my Prophet PBUH who by the way you never interacted with or know zero about for other than what the media portrays. continue being ignorant.
        God bless you, you really need it.


      17. “Let’s all endorse Christianphobia as well as Jewishphobia too.”

        Basically, if you dislike “Islamophobia,” which by definition supposedly encompasses hatred and prejudice towards Islam, you think it’s “equal” to call on everyone to basically hate on Christians and Jews too, which by the way Muslims already do. You can deny it all you want but your own Ex-Muslims sisters and brothers testify to this.

        Hatred is so much embedded into the Islamic ideology that they don’t know it’s hate when it comes from their own mouths. That’s pretty scary. P.S. The media like CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC happens to be for Islam.


      18. You’re right. But I only responded to the people who wanted to condemn Islamophobia. I strongly believe in justice. If people think that hate speeches against Muslims should be open and allowed, then I believe that so should hate speeches be from other religions.
        They are an ex for a reason. Im sure someone’s wouldnt have something positive to say about them. nah, I think fox news and CNN are shit. liars they are.


      19. Nice play. I’m not buying it though. They’re Ex-Muslims because they saw the light. Yeah, their lives are in danger for speaking out that’s what makes their voices credible compared to yours.


      20. yeah, nice try. Anyone can impersonate Muslims, ex-Muslims, atheists, what have you. I know this one person who pretended to be an ex-Muslim just so he can further downgrade the name of Islam. I asked him a simple question about Islam, he couldn’t answer me. Just like all those who claim to have read the Quran do so. see, there u go. so u can endorse Islamophobia but when I speak the same for Christianity, then it shouldnt be that way?


      21. Nobody would endanger their lives for what they know to be a lie. That is common sense. Deceived people, possibly, but no sane person would die for a lie.


      22. you’re right, in today’s world people only die for speaking the truth. People are set free if they conceal the truth. People get ahead in the society by not being fully honest.


      23. I see you edited your comment so my response looks completely unrelated to your “edited” comment.

        You can keep defending Muhammad, it’s expected. It is tiring to see people compare ISIS to KKK as if it makes it a valid comparison. It does not. But if it’s logical to you… Also, true Christianity are sheep to the slaughter, not killers. How come it’s acceptable for Muslims to say they’re not all terrorists yet it’s unacceptable for real Christians to disassociate themselves from those who are false? Hmmm? Double standard.

        Now I you call me ignorant. That’s fine. I suppose attacking me in this way if it makes you feel better about yourself, you can have it. Allah and God are 2 different beings. You can keep believing your lie. It’s your choice.


      24. I didn’t edit my comment. I think I may have accidentally pressed the send button and it messed every thing up. I was trying to find something that I wrote but I can’t find it any longer. Oh well….
        Why not, are you a hypocrite? So you can compare ISIS to Islam but you are blinded to see that KKK are killing black people or anyone who isn’t a Christian? Are you blinded to see that the vast majority of those killed by ISIS are Muslims? Are you blinded to see that there is such a thing as right wing extremists?
        I never said that you shouldnt disassociate yourself from falsehood.

        Nah, you dont see me call any other messenger a sex predator yet you act like you personally knew Mohammad PBUH to know whether He was a predator or not, that makes you ignorant. Look up Mary’s marriage to Joseph who was much much older (90 years old) than Her (12 yr old) at the time, but do you see me accuse Him of sexual predatory? I know Christians believe in Mary as well as in Joseph PBUH. Try again…..


  1. He didn’t marry Her at that age. He had a dream in which God instructed Him to marry Her. But it was a spiritual marriage. I mean were you present there to know that He had sex with Her? Also, you can always google and find out for yourself as to which states legally allow 12/14 years old to get married.

    So you can apply the concept of not all those who claim to be Christians are Christians but that concept cant be applied to those who shout Allah-o-Akbar before bombing dozens of people? You probably don’t know this but Christians as well as Jews also say Allah-o-Akbar in the middle east. Trust me, there was an attack that occurred in Pakistan. The found and killed the terrorists. These “Muslims” terrorists had tattoos and alcohol in their vehicle. Alcohol is a major sin in Islam along adultery and murder. Tattoos are also forbidden in Islam. How practicing do they look to you now?

    ISIS is as Islamic as KKK are as Christian. Allah is an Arabic word for God. It clearly shows how much lack of a knowledge you have on Muslims/Islam to be able to form such a strong opinion.


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