Mean People


Mean people are not really mean

It’s just their hearts aren’t clean

They try to oppress others

They don’t get along with their brothers

I just feel sorry for them

They come across like some scum

In reality they’re just crying within

All their dreams are in a garbage bin

Cruel people aren’t cruel

They just need some fuel

To recharge their happiness

And eliminate their cockiness

Those who hate are in need of love

The need mercy from the above

They don’t hate others but hate themselves

Sorrows are fulfilling all their shelves

Their homes are full of negative vibration

Thinking they’re from outer dimension

Disturbing others enhance their vitality

Deluded they are of their reality

They think they are happy but they’re just sad

Onto others they always get mad

To release their daily frustration

On people’s smiles they use taxation

Unhappy, they will make others unhappy

Make everyone feel very crappy









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