Life Tribulations

We get so scared sometimes. Afraid of all that can go wrong. All that can be lost. But in our debilitating fear, we lose focus. We see the sickness, but not the cure. The storm, but not the shelter. Yes, there are armies and Red Seas. Yes, there are flames. But remember, the sickness, the storm, the fire, the armies and the Sea, are all creations in the hands of the Sovereign. He saved Ayyoub (AS) from the sickness, Nuh (AS) from the storm, Ibrahim (AS) from the flames, and Musa (AS) from the armies and the Sea. It wasn’t that they didn’t face these hardships. They did. They were surrounded by them. But Allah kept them safe, even while in the belly of the calamity. Our focus is wrong. We fear the storm, because we don’t see the Shelter. We fear the Red Sea, because we don’t see the One who can split it in two. It is not the storm we should fear–but the distance from Shelter.

Yasmin Mogahed

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