Mixed Emotions

While we have Donald J. Trump as the president of America, not too far, up north we have Justin Trudeau as the PM of Canada. Justin Trudeau is an amazing human being. Unlike Trump, he is tolerant of all faiths. Unlike Trump, he has Muslim friends and does not fear Islam. Unlike Trump, our amazing prime minister Justin Trudeau does not fear refugees. Trudeau, prime minister of Canada, I salute you! The fact that just yesterday, in Quebec city, there was a shooting and people of my faith were mercilessly killed by Alexandre Bissonnette, it did not move you. You remained tolerant and forgiving. That shooting did not make you think any less of Muslims. That shooting did not turn you into a hard hearted person. I also admire that you called it a terrorist attack.

Mr. Trudeau, I admire your tolerance and love for humanity. You receive more hate than you deserve. You deserve nothing but love and respect. I pray that Allah SWT protect you and your family. You follow the Islamic lifestyle more than some Muslims, even though you don’t identify as a Muslim. But you are helpful, kind and caring just how a Muslim is supposed to be. I have mixed emotions for my PM and my fellow Canadians. I feel very proud of our PM and proud of being a Canadian. But at the same time, I feel like crying, I feel upset because I fear that Canadians’ safety may be at risk since Trump is their next door neighbor’s president. I pray that Allah SWT protect all good people in this world and guide those who are misled.

Mr. Trump, I just feel sorry for you. I feel sorry for you because you will attain no happiness in punishing the orphans that which USA has created in the middle east. You will not gain any respect by killing the innocent children in middle east. I feel sorry for you and everyone who blindly follows you. I know that you haven’t sent your military into Iraq to train the Iraqi army, but you just want to control the oil there. I know that there is no further need of your army/military to be in middle east at the moment. The fact that American government wants to dictate the entire world and sends their military all over the world, does not mean anything. They can’t even beat up ISIS!

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