Ever Cried Out Of Nowhere?

I did. Just today, I felt like crying out of no where. I felt like crying because I wish that my relationship with my mother wasn’t so unloving. I know she loves me and I love her too. I just wish that superficially we didn’t have any arguments or at least I wish that we didn’t say hurtful things that tore us apart. If there is one person in this world whose words affected me and still do, it’s her. Those hurtful words (even unintentionally) weakened our relationships. And now, I am in the situation that I am in is because of our relationship. Not blaming her at all. Just upset that it had to be that way.

Just so you know mom, I love you so much. The best thing is when you’re home alone and you can cry all you want without anyone bothering you or asking you what’s wrong.

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