Why Do You Always Do This?

I don’t understand why my mom would ever concern herself with what the rest of the world says about her or about her children. She always does this. 

I don’t understand why what’s gone is gone, it can’t be undo-ed and yet she is still stressing over it. 

I don’t get why my mom wanted F to become her daughter-in-law when F seems like a snob to me tbh. I mean the last time our family was there (after a decade or so) and we were coming back to our home, F didn’t bother saying goodbye (even though we live miles away and barely see each other). So why is my mom still worried about making her her daughter-in-law? 

Now that F gave birth to a baby girl, mom is STILL stressing over it. I think that she had wished that the baby girl was her grandchild, instead of being someone else’s grandchild.

If you really wanted F to be your daughter-in-law, then maybe you and F’s mother should have had less of an ego issue and you both should have discussed the marriage. You are from the guy’s side and it was your responsibility to ask for F’s hand for your son, not theirs. 

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