Oh The Ignorance

I just love the ignorance that some people have to spew online (sarcasm). You have people claiming that because of refugees, 500% increase in rape has been seen in Europe. But when you ask them fact/statistics, then they just ignore you because clearly they can’t come up with any such things, because there is not any such increase. It’s a little common knowledge for anyone to see that if God forbid there was a 500% increase in rape cases, there would be great civilian wars occurring in Europe, or anywhere else for that sake.

Another funny thing is when someone mentions that a South Asian has kidnapped a 15 years old, these same anti-Islam people claim that South Asia and Middle East are the same thing. Someone must’ve forgot to give them a geography lesson, teaching them that they are two different continents. First thing they jump on claiming is “oh, he must be a Muslim”, knowing that for one, Muslims turbans are completely different than Sikhs and 2; Muslims don’t wear orange turbans. I am sorry, this is not a dig at Sikhs (I have plenty of Sikh friends).

P.S. fake news, the rape cases in Europe is a complete hoax. I am not supporting rape in any way, but 1 out of 250 rape cases or groping cases were found out to be refugee, the rest of them were people who were born and raised in the country where that took place.

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