Om Puri the Indian Actor 

So Om Puri who was a great Indian actor has died of an apparent heart attack on January 6th, 2017. Now the news story doesn’t make sense since they are also saying how Puri’s head was bleeding too. The story also talks about him reverting to Islam. Since Modi has become the PM of India, he has done nothing good for Muslims. Or at least that is what it seems like. They quickly burnt his body even though Muslims are supposed to be buried. 

Muslims are the ones who are getting killed everyday yet it’s the rest of the world that acts like a victim.

Puri is highly regarded by majority of Pakistanis, especially since he spoke against hindu extremists. This had been going on since last October (2016).You can’t tell me that it was just a heart attack. Police has found him being strangled as well. It’s an unfortunate world we live in that the moment someone famous becomes a Muslim, their life gets in danger. 


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