Syrian Refugees

It makes me immensely sad and brings tears to my eyes when reading stories about Syrians. They are humans too. It hurts me even more to know how most people living in their fancy “castles” and comfy couches dare to insult and degrade these Syrians coming to the west to have a better life, a life away from the terrorists. Islam has no terrorism. So please, I beg you to stop insulting Islam and stop insulting the Syrians, just because they are Muslims. How can you not feel any empathy seeing their faces, their tears, their torn homes and their broken hearts? I just looked at a Syrian family’s photo and saw that they were smiling only to realize that not before too long, they will be judged and they will be thrown insults at. That will not help their case. We need to stand together against hate and terrorism, there are Christian Syrians out there too. All these people who talk smack wouldn’t last one day in Syria. Please get out of your house and try to make a friend and see how we all want peace. We all have quite similar goals in life. Don’t be xenophobes.


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