War is Timed

These big leaders use and abuse their power to manipulate minds and let them think that there are terrorists out there. No one is a terrorist but actual war monger leaders are. They have everything in their hands, if they wanted, they could bring peace everywhere. But no, “let’s make it about blaming a religion” and make the rest of the world hate people from that religion. Please show me where in the Quran is it written to take an innocent’s life away? But that is exactly what the terrorists are doing.

War is timed. Leaders pretend that they’re sending an army to end terrorism and take back the occupied land. Unfortunately, that isn’t so. Thesw same leaders are who planted those terrorists in the land and destabilized the region. Leaders clearly know for how long should they pretend that war or genoicde is going to take place. It is all planned and hidden from an average person. Thinking logically, terrorists don’t just appear out of no where. Terrorists are created. It doesn’t change multimillionaires or billionaires lives. It just kills the innocent. So stop with this propaganda and hatred. Those who control the minds and occupy lands are the ones who are accountable for all the destruction in places like Syria.


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