Canada VS. America

So I grew up in Canada and lived for a short time in United States. Now people wonder why there are so  many terrorist attacks in United States. Every time you hear a news about a Muslim woman in veil/Hijab is a news anchor or a Muslim woman in a Hijab is in the international olympics, mostly bigots get quite hyped about it. You wonder why? You have people calling out Justin Trudeau (the Canadian prime minister) to stop the immigration because they fear some attacks such as the ones in US would happen here.

Now get back to youtube and watch the video called “history of ISIS”. You will realize that how wrong mainstream media is. ISIS didnt just start by itself, the involvement of US which killed millions and resulted in total destruction of middle east is what caused ISIS to come. You may sit here in your comfy couches and support your hatred towards Muslims or Arabs, but you wouldnt last a day in Iraq if you had to sell your organs to feed your family. Trust me, George W Bush completely destroyed Iraq and that is exactly what’s happening there right now.

Who in their right mind thinks that its ok if USA wants to force their army into any country they want, that they should be able to do so? My whole point of this post was that you can clearly see Canada VS. America. If USA remains outside of other countries (middle eatsern for example), they wouldnt have any terror attacks occurring. When you gorge on someone else’s living, you should expect retaliation in return.

You wonder why Canada is peaceful (Alhamdulilah) and USA not so much? its plain and simple really: UA should get out of every country they have tried to force themselves into and made nests there using their army. The whole world clearly knows that 9/11 was an inside job and an excuse for USA to implant their army.

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